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My Plot World is a web portal that contains a convenient and easy to use plotting tool design to aid you in locating the approximate location of your plotted property.


It does not claim exact pinpointing of location all the time. Rather, it pride itself to give non-technical users, property owners, buyers, and realty practitioners a plotting tool that will aid them in drawing the polygon that images the form of the property and leads them close, if not on, to where the property is situated. It’s accuracy of plotting is dependent on the correctness of the reference plotting resources being made publicly available.

Hence, it doesn’t warrant 100% accurate pinpointing of location of the plotted property and we highly recommend that you seek the service of professional Geodetic Engineer to determine the exact location and boundaries of your property.


Further, your plotted property is for reference and or marketing purposes only and should not be used as resource material for legal settlement of any and all property disputes without the written consent of the developer.

By using this System, you agree to hold the developer free and harmless of any present or future issues that may arise on your use of the System.

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